A Cowboy Church in Ohio?

John Wayne would probably roll over if he knew what we are about to do here in Ohio! The church I pastor is launching the first cowboy church in Ohio! Life Brand Cowboy Church will have it’s first service on Tuesday evening May 2nd in Newbury, OH. We are partnering with the North American Mission Board and Cleveland Hope to launch this church in an area where the horse population is around 60,000 horses! Many of the folks who own horses and are into the rodeo scene won’t go to church ona Sunday because that’s when the rodeos and horse shows are.

A Cowboy Church is geared to reach folks who love to be around horses, rodeos, bull riding, barrel racing and in general, love the country life. Life Brand will be led initially by Royce and Patty Gregory who are members of Lake Ridge. Royce was a bull rider back in his younger days in Texas, and I mean younger! He has a passion for the cowboy culture and especially the folks who make it a part of their everyday lives.

Cowboy churches are a growing “niche” around the country that are reaching a segement of the population that no one wants to reach or hasn’t really thought about reaching until recently. If you Google the term cowboy church, you will be surprised at how many sites there are out on the web concerning these types of churches and ministries.

If you happen to be in Northeast Ohio and want to see what this is all about, come over to Twin Pine Stables located at 14549 Sperry Rd in Newbury, OH some Tuesday night at 7:00.

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