Fires in San Diego – Church Launching

This is an email I received from my good friend Brad Graves who is launching Cross Church in San Diego. If you can help, please do so.


Thank you so much for responding to our needs in San Diego and for having us on your heart. Attached is a blog post that explains our first four days in San Diego. It shows our point of view and should be a good read to send on to your contacts. My family has not even been here one week. Our moving truck literally left our home a few hours ago. Our home is still unpacked. Becky, my wife set up the guest bedroom before she set up our own bedroom knowing we may be having house guests very soon. I just told a friend concerning our church plant, “this is not about to explode, it already is exploding”.

Our plant site is literally miles away from the largest of the fires, the Witch Creek Fires, which ran us out of our home (read the attachment). These burn zones will open up to returning residents in the next few days. We desire to set up “compassion tents” to have basic needs met: water, wet wipes, candy bars, gloves, etc. We want to place these tents as close to the burn zone as possible, which is also in our church plant site. These tents will be approximately 1800 sf. with window sides. We have determined that a tent of that size with the first inventory of supplies should cost around $5,000.

Your assistance in funding this need would be greatly appreciated. We have a partner organization called Thirst No More which has a great deal of experience in disaster relief. During Katrina, they hosted Lifeway, NAMB, and FBC Springdale on their initial vision trips. You can direct your funds to them 1 of 2 ways. You can go online to and click on “Give” and simply follow the instructions or you can mail a check to PO Box 2290, Cedar Park, TX 78630. If you intend to assist us with one of these tents, please send me an email so we can plan our orders.

We also need mission teams to come and and minister to the victims at these tents and help us canvas the communities. In reaction to these fires, we feel that we should move our church launch date up to almost immediately. That means we will need additional resources and people to take full advantage of the opportunity that is before us. As we can obtain approval, we may also work to help clean up the damage of the fires as well.

Please remember we are a very new church. Pray we do not miss out on an incredible God-sized opportunity to bring the people of San Diego to the Cross.

Call my cell at 479-366-7360 or reply with any questions.

Brad Graves
Cross Church San Diego.