Be a Risk Taker

IMG_0047Back in 2013, Julie and I took the opportunity to visit our close friends, Wally and Rhonda Kesling in their new home in Ocala, FL. We were looking forward to a few days of R&R laying by the pool and soaking up some rays. That was until Wally texted me to see if we would be open to going zip lining. Always up to the challenge I immediately text back to Wally, “Sure!” Then he wanted to know if Rhonda went would Julie go and of course I said, “Sure!” It’s never a good thing to answer for your wife when it comes to something as risky like that. Once at the zip line course there was trepidation on both Julie and Rhonda’s part, but after the first zip line they performed like pros. We had a blast traversing back and forth over an old quarry filled with water and through the central Florida forests. I highly recommend spending three hours at The Canyons Zip Line in Ocala if you get the chance.

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The Right Way To Say No

Here is a ten thousand-dollar time management seminar in two letters. NO. That ability to say no. You remember the anti-drug motto, “Just say No.” A lot of us are addicted to speed. Not the drug, the lifestyle. We’re addicted to the adrenaline it produces. We’re addicted to the lifestyle of going faster and faster and how important it makes us feel. We have to learn in our lives to just say no. It’s difficult for many of us to say no to others, to the requests that they bring. Many, many of us have great difficulty with that. The number one reason our lives get overloaded is we just say “Yes” too many times to too many people, people that we love, to too many things that are important. But soon, once again our schedules are overburdened. We’re living this verse in Proverbs 20:25 “A impulsive vow is a trap. Later you wish you could get out of it.” Ever have that one? “Why did I say yes to that? Why am I doing this? Why am I caught up in this?” Don’t promise without pondering. Don’t decide without deliberating. Carefully and prayerfully make your commitments.

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Are Christians Non-Intellectual?

I will have to confess that I stand guilty when it comes to the area of anti-intellectualism. It’s not that I am anti-intellectual, if that were the case I would not have pursued three different degrees. What I am saying is that I have not made a conscience effort to be anti-intellectual, but I have not actively pursued it as well. I believe that some of what we have been taught in our religious upbringing has been wrong. We have been taught that all we need to do is to accept Jesus, be baptized, attend church, remember some scripture, tithe, and serve every now and then and everything is going to be fine.

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How To Revitalize Your Faith

In Revelation 3:2-3, Jesus  speaks to the church in Sardis about this incredible gap between reputation and reality and He says here’s what you do. “Wake up! Strengthen what remains. Remember what you’ve received and heard. You obey it and repent. If you don’t wake up I’m going to come like a thief.”

How do you revitalize faith? How do you revitalize a relationship? How do you revitalize a sense of closeness with God? Jesus says here’s how you do it. And He walks them and us through it. He says, “Wake up.”

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Duties of A Dad As From The Bible

In the past 25 years, the number of Dads present at their children’s births has risen from 27% to more than 90% today. More than 75% of men say they would trade rapid career advancement for more time with their families.

Joe Maxwell, writing on the web site called, summarizes the state of fatherhood in an article entitled, “Dads: The New Endangered Species.” Here’s what he says: “In other words, guys really want to be good dads more than ever, but they aren’t changing much. When the good news is combined with the bad, it seems that fatherhood in the United States is poised for either a great awakening or a gory collapse.”

Ephesians 6:4: “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

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The Apple TextEdit App Icon – Crazy Ones


It is no secret that I am a Apple enthusiast.  I thought about labeling myself as an Apple evangelist, but I don’t go out and preach Mac to the masses. Apple has always been a company that focuses on creativity, which is not one of my stronger points, although I do see myself as a visionary thinker and leader. In Apple’s cadre of applications that comes installed on a Mac is the program TextEdit.  Text Edit is a simple text editor that can be used to type up basic notes and letters. I never paid much attention to the launch icon for this app, but noticed that there is writing on the icon, a note pad with a pen laid on top of the pad. The content of the writing is too small to be seen with the naked eye. I decided to find out what was written on the icon and the graphic above is my finding, a larger shot of the icon.

This is the copy from a commercial that Apple aired during the final episode of Seinfield and it was the only time it ever aired. I love the copy! You can be a “crazy one” that changes things. The copy describes what it means to be one of the “crazy ones, misfits, rebels and troublemakers.” Read on to find out my thoughts about the content of this icon.

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The Danger of Secrets

We want to be known for something. We have an idea of how we want to be known versus what is real. That can cause a huge problem. It causes to have secrets. If you’re married you know this you argue on the way to church and when you pull in the parking lot, you put on your happy Christian face. If you have kids, it multiplies. You warn them that if they cut up that you are going to kill them when you get them home.

I have to be honest with you. I really do not like this topic. This is tough for me because I have secrets of my past. I hid secrets from my parents. I have a secret I haven’t shared with my wife or my kids. I have secrets that my friends don’t know about. There seems to be very fine  line between secrets and confidentiality. The secrets I have lean more towards confidentiality that I have had to keep in the context of ministry. There are some bone headed things I have done in my life that my extended family will never know about, but my wife and kids have full knowledge of.

Then there is the secret that my wife and kids don’t know – I have secretly wanted to learn to play an instrument and be good enough to play with an orchestra. I love music, but I do not have musical bone in my body.

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When Your Priorities Are Messed Up, You Need Help!

Many go about life with the wrong priorities. Many feel they have to keep up with the Smiths next door. So they set their priorities consciously or not, as they move in to that neighborhood, to have money, success, or comfort. It doesn’t matter if they run a huge debt. After all, those seem to be the measure of “success.” Then, perhaps only when something tragic happens, they begin to reassess their priorities, choosing to focus instead on those things in life that really are the most important. They realize the importance of health, family, good friends, their faith.

The question is “how can we get our priorities right from the start” instead of waiting for some kind of “wake up call?” It may be a tad late when the wake –up call suddenly comes. This post will help you to discover and determine God’s priorities for you life. So, what are God’s priorities for your life?

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How To Completely Change The Way You Worship

worshipIntroduction: What happens in your life Monday-Saturday?

• Kids to school
• Work
• Cook
• Sleep
• Entertainment
• Social life
• Clean house
• Check Facebook a thousand times 😉
• Etc.

How do you worship God Monday through Saturday? Or, is worship confined to Sunday when you walk through the church doors?

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Did Robin Williams Lose Hope?

When a personal tragedy strikes such as what happened this past week with the death of Robin Williams, it seemingly affects the entire nation. While we can never know what happens biologically in a person’s mind or spiritually in his soul to cause them to act in the way Robin did, I am convinced that part of the reason is that they have lost hope. For families who have not experienced the death of a loved one through suicide, this might seem to simplistic of an explanation. I want to remind the reader I write from the worldview lens of a follower of Jesus. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with the word “hope.” Not hope itself but with the word. The way we use it today has nothing to do with the way the Bible uses the word. When we use the word today, it’s sort of wimpy. We use the word today to mean, “I wish.” We go to the movie – “I hope this is going to be a good movie.” We go through a drive through – “I hope I get what I ordered!” I wish… I hope so…

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