These are endorsements I have received for an upcoming book I have written on living an uncluttered life of vision for God. Be watching for upcoming announcement on release date and how you can be part of the UnCluttered Release Team!


“Long before I finished reading the book, I said “This, we need – right now!” I will include this book as a part of the books available when I do conferences on church planting and church growth around North America and internationally. It is obviously from the heart of a man who has been on the front lines. It is pertinent, practical, simple, but yet profound. It is a book not just for leaders but, for every serious believer. It is a vital subject that is sorely neglected. Thanks brother Jeff for the wisdom that God has given you and for the life that you are living.”
Charles Brock
Founder Church Growth International
Author of Indigenous Church Planting

“A proven visionary change-agent Jeff provides a simple, though not always easy, pathway to experience victorious vision. If you’ve ever lived in the survival mode, but would rather experience real lasting impact, then Jeff’s new book is what you’ve been waiting for. Jeff’s own journey of starts stops and turns provides real life insight of how you too can find and experience your very own compelling vision in both life and ministry.”
Rich Carney
Former Chief Operating Officer, Vision 360

“What my friend Jeff Calloway has created in his new  book, is an important tool for pastors to help the people in their churches see themselves as the visionaries God has made them to be. It is true that God has a vision for every believer and that the world has an alternate vision for each of us as well. Calloway encourages us by reminding us—humorously, poignantly and profoundly—of the path God wants us to walk. “The greatest cause ever known to man,” Jeff writes. “To follow God and be a part of His plan.”
Kevin Ezell
President of the North American Mission Board

“Vision is rallying people to a better future. This is exactly what Jeff Calloway is doing through this book. This book will not only motivate you, but instruct you on how to make your vision walk! Read it and share it.”
Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church

“In his new book, Jeff Calloway takes us on a journey, a journey of walking towards God’s will and purpose for our lives. Jeff calls us to faithfully hear God’s call for our lives, and then to give ourselves to the pursuit of that call. Acknowledging the barriers that will come, Jeff helps us to keep our eyes fixed on the goal, and to commit ourselves to God’s purposes above everything else. Read this if you want to be challenged to pursue the vision, or call, that God has purposed for your life.”
Micah Fries
Director of Ministry Development
LifeWay Christian Resources

“Pastors and followers of Jesus long to have a vision for their lives and their churches that will impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ! In this new book, Jeff Calloway clearly outlines and defines how to capture and live out God’s vision for your life. If you are struggling with this issue, take time to read this book and apply the biblical and practical principles Calloway clearly provides for you to follow.”
Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

“Books on vision are a dime a dozen but few will contain the ideas of hard work, personal holiness or a quote from the Wizard of Oz’s Cowardly Lion (Yes, courage is key to vision.) I loved this reminder “We do what we do for the glory of someone.” His glory must be the goal. Thank you Jeff Calloway, you’ve given us practical ideas seated in spiritual realities. Provoking words that have stirred my heart towards my more radical life of vision.”
Kathy Ferguson Litton
National Consultant for Ministry to Pastor’s Wives
North American Mission Board

“Vision is an essential, God given directive not reserved just for churches, businesses and other organizations, but for your life! Jeff Calloway clearly communicates the dangers that clutter, specifically spiritual clutter can have on God’s vision for your life if not dealt with immediately. I hope every follower of Jesus will read this book and open their life to God’s vision!”
Fred Luter
President, Southern Baptist Convention
Senior Pastor, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

“Jeff Calloway writes from experience in the corporate world, as a pastor, and as a church planter. Though your journey is unique to his, clarity of vision is essential for all of us. Feeling stuck? Jeff’s new book will inspire you to take your next step to embrace and pursue God’s vision for your life.”
Tony Morgan
author, consultant, leadership coach

Jeff writes in a down-to-earth style that is familiar to the reader. He approaches the subject of vision not as an academic or researcher but as a pastor, practitioner, and church planter.
Thom S. Ranier
President and CEO, Lifeway Christian Resources

“Every week I pass thousands of people on the streets of New York City who need the message of this book. Vision is a common word but an elusive pursuit for so many. Calloway has given ordinary people a roadmap to an extraordinary life.”
Nelson Searcy, Founder of ChurchLeadersInsight.com
Lead Pastor, The Journey Church
Co-author, Launch: Starting A Church From Scratch

“A lot of people have ideas. Some have dreams. But few know how to take a vision from God and make it a reality that changes lives. In this new book¸ Jeff Calloway has given us the handles and the motivation we need to align our vision with God’s vision for His glory.”
Tim Stevens, LeadingSmart.com
Executive Pastor, Granger Community Church
Author – Vision: Lost & Found—The Story of a Church That Got Stuck but Didn’t Stay There

“Refreshing, challenging, and transformative, Jeff Calloway’s new book invites us on an inspirational journey to clearly seeing God’s blessings, with practical, realistic advice.”
Catherine Galasso-Vigorito
Nationally syndicated columnist and author of The Open Window

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