Our First Date Thirty-Three Years Ago: What I Learned

On February 10, 1981 Julie Smeenge and I went out on our first date that would eventually lead to our marriage on May 25 of the same year. Julie and I both graduated from high school in 1979, but from rival high schools in Knox County, TN. Julie and I did not actually meet until the fall of 1979 in a class at Roane State Community College and I would not have another class with her until a year or so later. Julie and I began to hang out with a group of other people who were taking classes together going out to lunch.IMG_0028 To be honest, I was smitten by Julie’s beauty, her sense of humor and her intelligence, which by the way is way beyond my IQ level. After hanging out together in class and with others in a group for weeks we decided we would go on a date. The date was nothing elaborate in the sense of glamour, just a meal and a movie. We met at the local library where Julie was working on an assignment and after the date I dropped her off back at the library. Unsure of how to end this date I thought I would kiss her good night and leaned forward to do so when she held out her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand and prayed for a second date. I am so thankful to God and to Julie that there was a second date.

Here’s what I learned from our first date

1. Show Respect to Your Date

Don’t do anything dumb that would scare your date. Guys, open the car door for your date and treat her like a lady. Don’t blow it on this one.

2. Have Fun

If you don’t have fun, there probably won’t be another date. I am not advocating manufacturing fun out of thin air, but when you have great conversation and enjoy each other’s company, fun will happen.

3. Get To Know One Another

Ask questions of your date to learn more about him/her and converse about the things that will allow for more conversation.

4. Be Yourself

Be honest and don’t oversell yourself. your date will see right through you. This date is not about you and don’t use the opportunity to showcase your  accomplishments and talents.

5. Ask For A Second Date

And say a quick prayer when doing so.

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