As a former leader in corporate management and former pastor and church planter, I know it can be difficult to find the right person to speak at your church or event. I also know you don’t want to just invite anybody. I wouldn’t unless I did my research.

For over 25 years, I have had the honor to speak in front of large crowds at churches, camps, retreats, church planter boot camps, and groups of leaders and volunteers.

Thank you SO MUCH for considering me to come speak. To help you make a great decision, I put this page together to help you determine if I would be the right choice for your event.


Learning how to lead and cast vision began in my role in the corporate setting working for startups and for Fortune 500 companies. Being in control of a group that was entrusted with 1.5 billion dollars in sales accounting, I learned through trial and error of how to motivate and keep professionals on target for growth and profit.

Serving as a pastor and church planter, now that was different story. Moving from the corporate world to an organization that depended solely on volunteers took my leadership and visionary skills to a new and much higher level than I would have ever thought. Even though I had grown up in church, leading a group as it’s pastor presented a different set of challenges I had not dealt with in the corporate world. I had the privilege of serving smaller churches and churches up to the 300 level.

In 2006, my wife and I, with 20 others, would begin Bridge Church in Perry, Ohio as a church plant and officially launching in 2007. Our first service on January 21, 2007 on a bitterly cold and snowy day saw ninety-eight people attend the Grand opening service. In a period of twelve months the church grew to a congregation of two hundred attenders.


A message tailored to your event. Although I focus on Life Changing Vision and Leadership, if you have a topic that your group is seeking to implement, I will adapt and customize the message to your setting. Rest assured that you’ll get a fresh engagement of the topic that is tailored to your meeting.

Clear communication. I want to work with your team on creating exactly what your group needs for the event. I will listen to, and clearly communicate with you leading all the way up to your event.
I will stay within your parameters. If you typically have slides, I will have slides. I will send all materials to you in the time frame you request so that your team will have plenty of time to prepare. If you want, I can even send you my notes before hand for you to review.

Quality. I will not throw something together on my way to your event. I want to give you my best, just like I would if I was speaking to my own church, organization or leaders.

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Topics That Will Produce Results

Writing and understanding a vision statement. This can be tailored to address the how to’s and implementation of personal vision statements, church vision statements or corporate vision statements. Will focus on the key areas of a vision statement and how to put the vision statement into action immediately.

Movements. Being part of movements and studying how they develop and come to fruition has been a personal pleasure to myself. Will look at the elements of movements that happen in organizations, churches, and in regions and countries. This primarily focuses on areas as prayer movements and gospel movements, but I have spoken before and am capable of speaking to movements in the secular marketplace.

Touching and changing the community. Will walk the group through the Five E’s of making an impact in the community. The community you want to touch and change could be a neighborhood, a town or city or a work group or department in your company.One mistake many churches and organizations make is to invest a lot of time, energy, and money into creating ways to engage and reach their community that yield very little return. In this time together, we will talk about ways to engage the community on a shoe string budget, how to create partnerships with local organizations, and things that create buzz vs noise in your community.

A dynamic and enthusiastic speaker, Jeff Calloway engages his audiences with  practical, but revolutionary concepts to  servant leadership in the workplace and in the church. His use of humor and visual presentation will be one that will “stick’ with the audience participants. Jeff can and will personalize his talk for your specific ministry or workplace setting.

Jeff has written for and/or been interviewd by:

RelevantNetwork (Relevant Magazine)
Willow Creek Association
OnMission Magazine
Outreach Magazine
People Magazine
North American Mission Board
Purpose Driven Ministries

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