Stimulus For Americans

This has been a topic that I have not written about as I get hot under the collar just thinking about the financial situation our government and citizens here in America are experiencing. Our government is bailing out the very segments of business that have for the most part been instrumental in the financial mess that has gripped our country. Banks that backed mortgages for consumers who had no business buying the homes they did are getting bailed out. Maybe you have driven around neighborhoods where very large and very nice homes are and wondered, “how can people afford a house like that?” Well, now we know, many of them couldn’t really afford a home like that and when they couldn’t pay the mortgage, it hit the fan, literally.

Then you have people like Bernie Madoff who made off with other people’s money in a ponzi scheme. You can’t help but wonder who was watching the hen house to keep the weasels from raiding it. Let’s admit the truth, we are a nation of greed and we are concerned about getting rich. I am afraid that we are no longer a nation of Americans who have integrity and character, that went out the window sometime in the past and I am not sure of the exact timing. People will screw you over to make a buck and not think twice about doing it. Before I continue, I can’t leave out the 165 million  that AIG paid in bonuses with stimulus money this week and now are asking for them back from the recipients of those bonuses.  Man, we live in a messed up country.

I am all for giving each American household that can prove citizenship via birth or legal immigration a $50,000 stimulus payment. According the US Census in 2000 there are 105,480,101 households in America. Giving each one of these households the 50k would equate to 5.2 trillion dollars.  That is a lot of money, but I guarantee you WalMart, Remington, Smith&Wesson, Ford, GM, Chrysler and whole bunch of American companies would have their best year ever! Could you imagine the number of new cars, gas grills, and home improvements being done?  Yes, it would piss off banks as people wouldn’t be borrowing more money to go further in debt, but would be paying cash.  Of course, this is a pie in the sky idea and these are the ramblings of someone who would use his 50k to pay down the mortgage and perhaps build a deck on my house. Talk about stimulus, send me my check!

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