Writing For Change


I consider myself a Missionary Writer.

I began writing in 2004 with a blog titled, “The Southern Scribe.” That blog was one of the first Christian blogs on the Internet. What can I say? I am an early adapter. As time went on, I didn’t think that blogging would catch on and due to my time constraints, I gave up blogging. On occasion I would blog about something that interested me or blog about an issue that excited me or annoyed me. I can stand before you today and say I was wrong, in a big way. Blogs in many circles are just as pertinent as print and network ands cable news outlets when it comes to breaking news or editorials.

Writing is like being a missionary. But often, when it comes to missionaries, different images fill our minds. Consider a couple of these images: A couple living in remote jungle, thousands of miles from home, suffering to share God’s love with the those who have never heard. They know without a shadow of a doubt they are where they are supposed to be and have sacrificed to get there. The other image of a person who has that same calling to be a missionary they know to be true, but for some reason have not left the comfort of their home, their family, or their community and they never will because it is comfortable.

So you want to know what a missionary writer is? Think about a missionary, the first image/scenario I described above. That person has a calling and acts on it knowing that there will be sacrifice, but in the end it will be worth it. A Christian missionary’s job is to spread the good news and love of Jesus Christ. They are willing to do so at a great cost. Some at the cost of their own life. They believe have a message worth dying for and will do whatever it takes to spread that message.

Is this the kind of writer you are or want to become? Do you have a message that you believe people need to hear or do you want to write for the sake of writing to please yourself? Do you believe so strongly in your message that you are willing to sacrifice for it to be heard? If not, you will not reach the masses and your message will be drowned out with the thousand others who do not have this writers passion I am describing.

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